Energy Transition Awards 2021 (UK)

Energy Transition Awards 2021 (UK)

Scandinavian Business Awards (UK)

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Flushing (UK)

From Growth to Survival (DK)

From Growth to Survival (UK)

Fra store vækstplaner til overlevelse (DK)

Supplier without TOTAL (DK)

Green Transistion for the Oil & Gas Industry (DK)

Noreco is Welcomed (DK)

Paralyzed Oil Industry (DK)

Low-level Radioactive Waste (DK)

Covid 19 and Price Collapse (DK)

Oil Suppliers on their Knees (DK)

Main Cleaning doubles Revenue (DK)

One Offshore Network (DK)

Innovation Award (DK)

Massive Price Pess (DK)

TFZ 2019

Technology Conference 2019 (UK)

Simple Technology Transfer (DK)

From Idea to Implementation (DK)

Joint Venture Mexico (UK)

Prepared for Tomorrow (UK)

Total Supports ONE (DK)

Energy Innovation Cluster (DK)

Winning the ICOTA Award (UK)

Lubrications Academy (UK)

Open house June 2018

The Daily Struggle (DK)

Suppliers do away with Dead Market (DK)

Aberdeen Division (UK)

Launching UK Division (UK)

Pressed Suppliers (DK)

Going Supercritical (UK)

Congratulations to Students (UK)

Oil Convertion Levelled up (UK)

Battle for Norwegian Orders (DK)

Top Post is Passed On (DK)

Co-operation with ServTech (NO)

Solution Expands the wind Industry (UK)

Pursuing the German Wind Market (UK)

New Oil & Gas solutions to Norway (UK)

Environmental Innovations Commercialized (UK)

Battle for Norwegian Orders (DK)

Export to the Middle East (UK)

Partnership in Norway (UK)

Flushing of on-line Oil Systems (DK)

Fill for Life Seminar (UK)

Operation on Chinese Wind Farm (DK)

ONS 2016 (UK)

Strategic Change of Guard (DK)

Possible Exit from Oil & Gas Industry (DK)

Demonstration of SCCO2 (UK)

The Cluster Provides Visibility (UK)

North Sea and Beyond (DK)

Operation on Chinese Wind Farm (UK)

Brasilian Opportunities (DK)

Growth Pressured by Price Collapse (DK)

Oil Purifier with Global Ambitions (DK)

Facts Ocean Team Scandinavia (DK)

Taxes uneven Competition (DK)

Continuous Growth (DK)

Dr. Olie (DK)

Proven Innovative Solutions (UK)

Handling Wind (DK)

New cleaning techniques (UK)

Greenet Member (UK)

Tuning the Surplus (DK)

Purifying Umbilical and Control Lines (UK)

Technology Transfer (DK)

Exotic Export Hunt (DK)

Millions saved on Maintenance (UK)

Oil Flushing in half Time (UK)

From Fish to Oil (DK)

Open house June 2018 (UK)

Securing the Future (DK)

Passion for Lubrications (DK)

Impressive Ingenuity (UK)

Invisible Impurities Eradicated (DK)

World's best Nothing (DK)

Air Contaminated Lube Oil (DK)

Applied Purity in Lube Oil Systems (DK)