Grease Replenish Program


80% of all breakdowns in bearing systems are caused by grease problems - either because of decreasing lubricity or unsuitable grease.

Fresh grease prolongs bearing life and restores reliability, BUT only if the old, hardened and contaminated grease is thoroughly removed first.

Ocean Team has developed a patented method, which makes re-greasing of bearings much faster, safer, and efficient compared to normal procedures.

Our Bearing Grease Replenish Program Includes:

1.   Dissolving and removal of old grease
      Injection of a corrosion inhibiting fluid to dissolve old and
      hardened grease

2.   Thorough cleaning for contamination
      Flushing with turbulent flow and filtration of the bearing
      system for fine contamination and remains of the old grease

3.   Filling of new grease
      Fresh grease is added to the clean bearing system

4.   Trend analysis for preventive monitoring
      An efficient grease analysis program can prevent accelerating
      wear and possible breakdowns

A Cost-Saving Method
•     Extended lifetime of bearings
•     Minimised risks of breakdowns
•     Minimised time-consumption
•     Increased safety
•     Minimised maintenance costs

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