Vision & Local Partners

Ocean Team Group of Companies' vision is to gain global recognition as the specialized leader within in purity solutions and treatment of technical- and fluid-transfer systems. Our group grows on innovative and independent foundations, adding value- and technology based knowledge to our customers and partners all over.

By redeeming the above, we wish to prevent system breakdowns and thereby reduce cost for all involved, ensuring an increased earning for all implemented parties - none the least our customers.
Constant Care - Covering the World    

  Ocean Team Scandinavia AS - OTS Represents the Nordic region and supports the world. Scandinavia's foundation dates all the way back to 1982. In 1993 the company is taken over by Carsten Jensen, one of the founders of Danish company Olesen & Jensen, and with the employment of current Managing Director, Jens Peder Thomsen in 1995, Ocean Team Scandinavia as, as we know it today, became a reality. Ocean Team Scandinavia has grown as flagship and today their premises in Esbjerg houses OTG, OTS and OTW

Ocean Team Qatar W.L.L. - OTQ
 represents most countries in the Middle East region and serves in a corporation with Ocean Team Group and the local company Petrotec: Petrotec Services is a nationwide construction and contracting company with over 25 years of experience operating in the petro-chemical industry specialized in hazardous substances.  

Ocean Team Fluidcare India Pvt. Ltd - OTI represents the geographical area of India and is a joint venture between Ocean Team Group and two local engineers: The two engineers are in a team of entrepreneurs leading M/s Om Triple R India Pvt. Ltd, focusing on providing start-to-end cleaning solutions in cooperation with Triple R Overseas Corp of Japan - world leaders in bypass oil-filtration systems with patented filter designs.

Ocean Team Mexico - OTM represents the geographical area of Mexico and is a joint venture between Ocean Team Group and the local company Arechiga: Arechiga started in the Mexican state, Tabasco, in 1985. Through the years, the company has gained a wide range of experience within the oil industry. Development and maintenance of all types of oil infrastructure are now among their core activities. Since 1985, Arechiga expanded their business with departments in Veracruz, Chiapas, and Campeche.

Ocean Team Fluidcare UK Ltd - OTFUK represents our services from the office in Aberdeen. The situated General Manager will serve as personal connection and technical consultant, mainly managing challanges with contaminated fluid carring systems with in Oil & Gas Offshore, Refineries, Marine and Power.

Ocean Team Windcare - OTW represents themselves locally and globally, mainly, from the OTG headquarter in Esbjerg, Denmark - Also we have our Business Development Manager situated in Germany to focus on the German marked. The department is always looking for representatives in countries with synergies to wind turbine business.

Ocean Team España - OTE represents the global area of Spain. The subsection is 100% OTG owned. Ocean Team España is currently on standby.

Norway - Ocean Team Group is represented in Norway by Servtech AS. Servtech AS are specialist in accumulators and hydraulic systems and have a history that goes back to 1985. A history of flushing and re-certifying offshore and onshore equipment. Servtech AS have invested in up-to-date testing facilities and can test equipment up to 18 000 PSI. Servtech also retail accumulators.

China - Ocean Team Group - has established a royalty agreement with the Chinese company Harbin Xinhua Control Engineering Co., Ltd. HXH Harbin provides products, services and comprehensive solutions e.g. within hydraulic control, industrial oil monitoring, purification. They have their Ocean Team service focus within the wind industry.