The Philosophy of Ocean Team Group (OTG)

Ocean Team Group A/S and our subsidiaries provide service worldwide. Our product and service portfolio is compatible
both on- and offshore. Especially, aiming at the sectors of energy, oil & gas, subsea, power plants, CHP's, nuclear, refineries
and wind.

Our Group is an established setup of entrepreneurs with the desire to expand, develop and continuously, look into
solutions, that in the end, are extremely beneficial to our customers. Opportunities are multiple and as specialists in a
omplex industry, we try not to limit to the above! Our technologies and services are very applicable to several systems
and business'. If you do experience problems with contaminated fluidcarrying systems or surroundings, do not hesitate
to seek advice with the department closest to you.

Ocean Team Group of Companies
In addition to the local Danish flagships, Ocean Team Scandinavia A/S and Ocean Team Windcare A/S, we have various
departments, strategically, located around the globe:

Ocean Team Qatar W.L.L. represents our Group in the Middle East.
Ocean Team Mexico alias Oil Care Services de México S.A. de C.V represents our Group in Mexico. .
Ocean Team Fluidcare India Ltd Pvt, represents our Group in India.
Ocean Team Fluidcare UK, represents our Group in the United Kingdom.
Ocean Team España mainly focus on windcare. The department is currently on standby..