Proven Oil Conditioning and Varnish Elimination
- innovative method to saves on operation, maintenance and production cost

Contamination and leaks are not the only problems you may encounter with hydraulic fluids, however. Varnish, which is caused by oxidation, can cause downtime, or in worst-case scenarios, catastrophic failure of a system.

As a complement to Oil Flushing, Ocean Team has now taken ISOPur into our service performance and become a certified dealer of ISOPur.

The ISOPur charging and mixing unit splits fluid flow into two paths, with the particles in each path being charged electro-statically by positive and negative electrodes.

These opposite charged particles attract and agglomerate, and then these larger particles are removed by the filtering system.

ISOPur patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration technology works by:
- Passing contaminated fluid over a series of electrodes that carefully charge particles, both positive (+) and negative (-).

-  Particulate contamination as small as 0.1 microns picks
    up this charge.

-  Oil, a non-conducting fluid, stays neutral.

-  The ionized fluid streams are then re-combined and mixed
    under turbulent flow.

-  Positively and negatively ionized contaminant particles are
    attracted to each other, growing in size as they agglomerate.

-  Sub-micron particles become micron-sized particles. 
    Micron-sized particles become multi-micron particles, etc.

-  Once larger, these particles are then easily removed by
    standard filtration.

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Must be non-conducting with impedance >500 MegOhms-cm

Sludge and varnish are major causes of wear, fatigue, and adhesion in high-performance machinery. The precursor of sludge and varnish is the oxidation of oil that can be caused by:

- Excessive heat, water contamination
- Aeration
- Metal particulate

These oxide insolubles are typically under one micron in size and are highly polar. Because of their charge, they naturally ground themselves to the internal surfaces of machinery. Once a sticky foundation has been laid, other particles naturally stick as well, and a varnished surface is formed. Sludge is created when water mixes with this sticky surface.

ISOPur attacks sludge and varnish by removing these highly polar sub micron particles. The BCA technology removes them so rapidly that they never have a chance to enter the machinery and find a grounding surface. The particles that do manage to get through on the first pass will not ground to the surface because of their balanced charge.

The prevention of sludge and varnish is obviously a bold claim – and very difficult to prove, since there are no international measurement standards. Therefore, ISOPur proves its capability to remove surface contamination using live field trials with actual customers.