Cleaning with Supercritical CO2

Innovative method
to clean umbilicals and control lines.

clean systems consisting of pipes with small inner diameters (below a quarter inch) and huge lengths
(more than 6,500 metres).

Conventional flushing is a well-known method to clean inside systems and a turbulent flushing flow is mandatory for an effective cleaning. The problem using conventional flushing fluid in systems like umbilicals and control lines is keeping a turbulent flow all the way through the pipes.

This will require a pressure drop of more than 30,000 PSI. This kind of pressure drop exceeds the maximum test operational pressure, which most pipe systems are designed to withstand.

The Solution is Supercritical CO2
Supercritical CO2 has the same carrying capacity as oil, but
the viscosity is 10 x lower than water. By using CO2 in a super-
critical state it becomes possible to create a turbulent flow with a pressure drop less than 3,000 PSI along the pipes. Beside the possibility to create turbulent flow, the use of supercritical CO2 also has the advantage of dissolving wax and grease from the inside of the pipes. The method secures a much higher level of cleanliness and hereby gives your system a greater operational reliability compared to existing cleaning methods.

•  Higher cleanliness & greater operational reliability
   of the system
•  Environmental friendly method
•  Simple, flexible and easy-to-operate equipment


“An innovative revolution.”
The unit is built on the latest technical advances in industrial PC controls which includes a 24” color touch display optimized for easy and intelligent control.

Via a internet connection, it is possible to create remote Technical Support.

Afther end cleaning –It is possible to draw a complete Log File of the work flow.