Wind turbines - Oil conversion

Ocean Team behind new hydraulic oil changing system for offshore wind turbines.

Gear oil systems on offshore wind turbines can now be changed in even relatively rough seas thanks to Ocean Team's new, hydraulic, wave-compensated, gear-oil conversion and flushing system, now available to the international offshore market.
Our new system solves many of the existing challenges of maintaining offshore wind turbines. The system, specially developed by Ocean Team, allows any vessel to pump oil from the gear systems in the nacelle into tanks on board the ship without the equipment being damaged due to rough seas or wind. The integrated hydraulic systems simply compensate automatically for the vessel's movement in the sea.

The hoses are equipped with a “weak link” safety device and patented valve system. If tension on the hoses becomes uncontrollably high (over-pull), the weak-link will break immediately, causing the hose to separate from the nacelle in a safe, controlled manner, thus reducing the risk of physical damage or oil spilling to the greatest possible extent.

Safe, efficient and time saving
The closed conversion system consists of just three main processes:

1)    Used oil drainage

2)    Gear flushing

3)    New oil filtration and filling

All processes are controlled by the oil conversion system, ensuring optimum oil and gear cleaning in a quick, efficient and safe way with minimum risk of oil spillage to the environment. The system offers a perfect solution to a major practical problem in the growing market of offshore wind turbines while meeting all requirements and specifications on environmental protection. It’s another example of the ingenuity in Ocean Team when searching for better solutions to the benefit of our customers.