Oil Flushing in half Time!


Turbine and Compressor Lube Oil Flushing
Successfully Completed in Half the Time.

Ocean Team has developed an oil flushing system which efficiently ensures on-time cleaning. Before new plant, for instance turbines and compressors, can be put into operation, oil flushing must be performed to remove impurities originating from the fitting and welding of pipes and the connection of valves. Such flushing is the final link, completing the installation of new plant.

At this stage of construction, many suppliers have already been involved in the process. Delays often occur, and everybody is fighting against time. As the deadline approaches, chaos spreads around the site.

When we were requested to flush six large gas turbine and compressor systems to be used for gas export from Qatar to Abu Dhabi, a time limit of six weeks was set for the oil flushing of each plant. We worked out a specific oil flushing procedure, which was subsequently approved by all involved parties.

Flushing of the first plant took four weeks, and only three weeks were needed for the following plants. Due to our advanced technology, long experience, realistic objectives and high efficiency, the system was ready to be put into operation after only half the scheduled time. And moreover, the quality was tip-top with all the customer's purity requirements being met.