Ocean Team Scandinavia won the ICoTA Award 2018

Ocean Team Scandinavia wins the ICoTA Europe Innovation Award 2018

Ocean Team Scandinavia have won an international innovation price. Shell UK recommended Ocean Team to the ICoTA award. ICoTA, Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association, awards yearly an operator or a service company for applying a technical innovation to the area of well intervention.

Ocean Team Scandinavia won the price for applying the Super Critical CO2 (SCCO2) technology in a ground-breaking way.

“We have now patented a solution to a problem, earlier unsolvable”, states Espen Kähler Amundsen, Managing Director, Ocean Team Fluidcare UK.

The technical challenge arises in long narrow pipes or control-lines for subsea SSV’s prone to blockages of organic or inorganic character. Till date, such pipes should be changed or be left passive.

The SCCO2 technology opens i.e. a blocked SSSV in a hydraulic control-line at a depth of +2000 feet avoiding a safety leak in cases where the SSSV cannot open and close efficiently due to grime. The technology also avails back-flushing and oil change in one-way lines. As an example, Ocean Team SCCO2 technology emptied a 2.4 km one-way line for a client in the North Sea.

Eight years of product development included Proof of Concept in Switzerland, as no materials were available in Denmark. Operational trials on markets in Holland, UK, and Norway proved a successful technology, also securing business interest from international oil producing companies like Total, BP and Shell.

The SCCO2 technology or an equivalent solution never existed before: CO2 is applied in a super critical and fluent condition. Purifying the boundary layer in the technical fluid carrying system, using turbulent flow and carrying grime away. Such, the system is cleaned down to a NAS class 3.

A game-changing technology for the industry, significant cost reductions to operation and maintenance can be achieved.

For further information, please contact: Espen Kähler Amundsen, Managing Director Ocean Team Fluidcare UK Ltd; eka@oceanteam.eu, DK +4552886619 (UK: +44 (0) 7783 200 861)