Ocean Team Operates on Chinese Windfarm

Ocean Team Group Operates on Chinese Windfarm

Groundbreaking export of knowledge and service. OTG supplies knowledge and tools for conversion of energy sources. Thereby Denmark’s international position as wind hub is proven - again.

Export of Services
Denmark is one of the main players in the global energy conversion. Besides research and innovation in the field of renewables, Denmark has produced and sold 5% of the € 11.9 billion GW produced in the wind industry during 2015.

The International Energy Agency encourages to optimization of energy tools to reach climate goals. Exactly that is what Ocean Team Group contributes with: Maintenance tools used on-site for production optimization and life extension.

2016 the Chinese company Harbin Xinhua Contril Engineering Co. Ltd. made a Distribution and Royalty agreement with OTG. This included the SOCOTFlex® technology used for oil maintenance on an on-shore wind farm in the Inner Mongolia with 154 turbines. HXH Harbin delivers solutions within the fields of hydraulic control. DI (Danish Industry) in Shanghai and The Danish Embassy to China have both been involved in establishing this partnership.

To operate the unit, Mr. Kan Chengjun, Deputy GM to HXH Harbin, together with the company ownership group, visited the Western provinces of Denmark. He must, in cooperation with his fellow compatriots, reduce the CO2 level in China by 45%.

That is a serious challenge. China is the largest single market in the wind industry: During 6 months of 2016, the market added 10 GW.


Ocean Team Group’s Product Development Proves its Worth
OTG contributes, however, by life extension of older turbines reducing LCOE (Levelled Cost of Energy). Jingneng Huitengxile Park dates back to 2012. It reduces the CO2 footprint with almost 75.000 metric tonnes per year by substituting coal with wind generated electricity. Since 1994 wind sourced energy has shown to be the cheapest and most price stable type of energy supply.

The park is due for oil conversion in order to avoid chips, friction, and high surface pressure to damage the internal parts of the gear unit. Knowledge must be exported from the Danish wind hub to China to enable operation of the unit. The unit represents the second-generation development to customers’ demand of a flexible way to change oil on offshore turbines. The oil and the power unit are transported to the wind turbines whenever suitable to the logistics department along with the various oil types and volumes planned to use.

View: SOCOTFlex - Inner Mongolia Casestory

Competitive Prices
Jens Peder Thomsen, MD and co-owner of Ocean Team Group, emphasizes: ”HXH Harbin’s use of the equipment onshore proves the competitive advantage – also onshore – and also on a traditionally low wage market. HXH Harbin converting oil during 4 hours on one turbine they deliver a project saving costs to Beijing Ningneng New Energy Company operating the site”.

Global Operations
As windfarms mature, operators scrutinize the operational performance of the turbines, stressing optimization of maintenance to optimize ROI on assets. OTG contributes to customers’ viable growth tendency on onshore windfarms by supplying and exporting cost reductions and life extensions by maintenance. Focusing on high quality solutions and cost reductions to our clients OTG has obtained subsidiaries and partners on several locations around the globe.

Windfarm: Inner Mongolia Huitengxile Wind Farm
Operator: Beijing Jingneng New Energy Co. Ltd.
Number of turbines: 154 in total
Turbine type: GE 1.5 SLE
Distance from shore: on shore

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