Ocean Team Works Towards Established Partnership in Norway

...it is no longer a secret that Ocean Team Group A/S has had their eyes on a great Norwegian potential within most of our segmented fields of services. Especially, our service "Cleaning with Supercritical and Liquid CO2" has exceptional cost reducing, environmental and safety conducive reasons to be offered in the Norwegian Subsea areas.
We can already ascribe to several successful jobs performed in the Northern region as thanks to our almost established companions in the Norwegian company Servtech. 

Servtech A/S
With a great history of flushing systems, re-cycling and re-certifying equipment for offshore and onshore, the Norwegian bound company, Servtech AS in Sandnes, is specialist in accumulators and hydraulic systems. The company is currently expanding their portfolio and has connected with the International, yet Danish partner for specialized cleaning of technical fluid carrying systems, Ocean Team Group A/S, with the intention to represent their full package solutions within the Norwegian region.

In the spirit of togetherness, Servtech and Ocean Team Group, find synergies by cooperation.

Together, we become a strong local partner with the capability to provide One-Stop-Shop maintenance solutions for fluid transfer systems and fluid itself.

Future Norwegian projects
Ocean Team Group of Companies and the OTS business unit participates in ONS (Offshore North Sea); the World's Leading Energy Exhibition. We have a lot on our plate to share - among others our very convincing SCCO2 cleaning method for subsea installations! Meet our team together with all of our various Nordic colleagues at the Danish Pavilion in Stavanger at the end of August 2016. Read more here

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