OTQ Participated in the Danish Export - Danish Oil & Gas Delegation in Abu Dhabi & Qatar, 2016

This February, 2016, Ocean Team Qatar participated in the Danish Export trade delegation to Abu Dhabi 2016 arranged in collaboration between the Danish Embassy and the Danish Oil & Gas Technology group. This delegation provided us with the opportunity to meet a number of high profile representatives from some of the major oil & gas companies within the Abu Dhabi and Qatar area. 

As part of an establishment that services on- and offshore industries like oil and gas extraction, power- and CHP plants, wind turbines and maritime worldwide, Ocean Team Qatar was able to present successful initiatives and their wide range of services to both established customers and new interests. Our team experienced an all over interest in every product and service, we offer.

 We would like to thank everyone for meeting us and look forward to a potential future relation.

For further interest or questions, do not hesitate to contact us – press here