Bringing Wind Turbine Oil Convertion to an Entirely New Level!

Ocean Team Windcare's combination of know-how and experience in turn-key projects
have resulted in a optimized and customized client solution to reach demanding industry goals.

...the Flexible Solution is called The SOCOTFlex® and consists of a collapsible container with an upper chamber receiving used oil and exerting
pressure unto the lower chamber providing clean oil. A compact unit including pump, hose, and a filter tension system
all built in sea water resistant aluminum frame 6082T6, stackable for minimizing space requirements during transport. 

Converting oil with the SOCOTFlex® unit is an optimized process to reach life extension of gear and hydraulic systems. Reducing dependency of
vessel logistics, and availing flexibility on service tasks, reduces costs and contributes to the industry vision of low costs of energy.

There is plenty more to the technology!

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