Ocean Team Scandinavia as Certified Greennet Member

Ocean Team Scandinavia Works Towards Sustainable Service Solutions

Ocean Team Scandinavia aims strongly against reaching sustainable performance within all service solutions. 

To counterbalance this thought, Ocean Team Scandinavia has provided an extensive report stating our company's 
environmental policies, together with a full survey of how we handle everything from demands for our suppliers, products, raw
goods and processing aids, use of energy, water, transportation, air polution, smells, waste water, waste and recycling,
noise and vibrations, accidents and interruptions, groundpolution and all risks regarding. 
This report also describe our goals and action plan for the future. 

On the lights of this report and all OTS' efforts, we are happy to announce that we have joined Greennet
- a Public-Private partnership established to furtherance green technology and sustainable development.

…as a Greennet member, Ocean Team Scandinavia supports and collaborate in a common community towards
more sustainable developments within our industry and region. 

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